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In 2016 Enterprise Georgia introduced program “Film in Georgia” that is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia. “Film in Georgia” offers 20-25% cash rebate on qualified expenses incurred in Georgia and aims to support the development of Georgia’s film industry, attract international filmmakers to the country and position Georgia as the main Eastern European Filming Destination.


Location Guide of Georgia

  • Program Terms
  • Projects implemented within the program


Georgian and foreign producers interested in creating audio visual products (continuous project, feature film, serial, documentary film, animation, advertising, reality show) on the territory of Georgia can use 20-25% of the cash rebate. The returns will be returned to the qualifying expenses defined by the program, which should exceed 500,000 GEL in the case of the continuous project, feature film and the series, 300,000 GEL in case of documentary film, advertising and reality show and 100,000 GEL in case of animation.

Continuous projects as well as projects requesting a higher qualified expenses than 5 000 000 GEL require special approval of the government of Georgia.

The following actions are needed to get the following services:

• A legal entity registered in Georgia fills the form of an online application;

• The agreement is signed between the Agency "Enterprise Georgia" and the applicant;

• The applicant is awarded with the unique code of the program beneficiary;

• Within one year of receiving the certificate, the beneficiary must submit an independent assurance service report by the audit company;

• Within one year after the conclusion, the Agency shall reimburse 20% of the limited qualified expenses;

• After paying 20%, the beneficiary has one year to complete an additional 2-5% e-payment, based on the so-called "Cultural Test". The "Cultural Test" is drawn up and approved by the Georgian National Film Center (Decree N236);

• Commission drawn up by the Director of the Agency (Commission members: Ministry of Economy, Administration of Government, Ministry of Culture, Film Center, Tourism Administration) is considering an additional 2-5% compensation, based on the Decree N236 approved by the Georgian National Film Center;

• No later than one year after the application is received, the agency will pay an additional amount of 2-5%. Or with the relevant reasoning to disclose the beneficiary's application.

* the applicant must complete the application on the following link: https://e-services.economy.ge/filmcommission/registration



















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