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Tourism Development

The program aims to develop and financially support the country's tourism and tourism-related services.



  • Co-Financing Mechanism
  • Hotel & Balneological Resort Industry
  • Agro & Eco-Tourism
  • Tourism Services


The Co-Financing Mechanism provides terms for the hotel industry, agro and eco-tourism industry, and tourism services.

*  Commercial Banks / Leasing Companies

  • Within the framework of the loan component, the Agency subsidizes the loan interest rate determined by the national refinancing rate minus 5%; In the case of the leasing component, the Agency subsidizes the loan interest rate determined by national refinancing rate minus 3%;
  • Within the framework of the loan, the Agency guarantees no more than 80% of the loan principal amount for a maximum period of 10 years;
  • The minimum loan/leasing project amount is 50,000 GEL, and the maximum is 10,000,000 GEL;
  • At least 50% of the loan should be used for capital expenses and not more than 50% for working/operational capital.


* Program Conditions

  • The beneficiary of the program must be an entrepreneur who meets the 3rd or 4th  category enterprise criteria (only in its income component) - in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Accounting, Reporting and Auditing, this can be checked through the link: www.reportal.ge
  • The first Loan/Leasing tranche should be adopted within six months after the approval of the Loan/Leasing subject by the Agency.
  • The Full disbursement of the loan should be adopted within two years after its approval by the Agency;
  • Within the framework of the EU Pilot Regions Program,  for applications confirmed by the Agency in 2022 - In case of a loan ranging from GEL 50 000 to GEL 1 500 000 beneficiaries from the pilot regions will receive a grant from 10% to 20% (For further information please visit Grant page).



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