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State Program - "Subsidized Mortgage Loan"

The program involves the subsidization of the interest accrued on the mortgage loan for a period of 5 years




  • A beneficiary of the program
    • Family/single parent/widow, if at the time of receiving the loan they've 3 or more minor children (applied until September 1, 2022);
    • Family/single or widowed parent, if at the time of obtaining the mortgage loan they have three or more children;
    • Family/single or widowed parent who adopted a minor child after September 1, 2021.


  • Purpose of the loan
    • Purchase of an apartment/house (from either a developer and a private seller)
    • to build a house


  • Loan and its Funding amount
    • The maximum loan amount is 200 000 GEL (₾). However, the cost of the purchased apartment / house or for building of the house may exceed 200 000 GEL (₾).
    • When the commercial bank approves the loan under this program, the agency subsidizes the interest rate charged on the loan given to the beneficiary by the commercial bank within the scope of the program, within 60 (sixty) months after the issuance of the loan (in addition, if the term of the loan issued by the commercial bank is less than 60 (sixty) months, the agency will subsidize the annual interest rate charged on the issued loan for the term of the issued loan), minus 3.5%, but no more than 6% from the refinancing rate set by the National Bank of Georgia (if the borrower has 1 or 2 children, 1.5%, but no more than 8% if the borrower has 3 or more children).
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