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The First Ever Introductory Tour of Georgia for Investment Location Consultants from Europe and the US


On September 7-10, with the support from USAID, Enterprise Georgia is organizing the first tour for experienced location investment consultants from Germany, US, and the Baltic region. 

Today, the Enterprise Georgia representatives and the three experts had their first meeting. The director of the agency, Mikheil Khidureli held a presentation, during which he introduced the attendants to the national economy, the country’s investment potential and the state programs orientated toward industrial development. During the meeting, a KPMG representative also spoke about the taxation system in Georgia. 

During their visit, the three location consultants will get to know Georgia’s investment climate and meet with several public, as well as private, sector representatives. As a result, they will accumulate detailed information about the investment opportunities and successfully implemented investment projects in the country. 

The invited guests represent prestigious international companies - Location decision, Conway, and GDP Global. All three of them have years of experience of working on investment projects with transnational companies and governments. 

“With an aim of attracting foreign investment to Georgia and thus popularizing the country’s investment potential, partnering with location consultants represents one of the main directions for our agency” - states the Enterprise Georgia CEO, Mikheil Khidureli. 

During the past few years, the number of investors who utilize investment location consultants’ services have increased considerably. Hence, working with them represents a unique opportunity in terms of increasing awareness about Georgia’s business climate, as well as attracting investments to the country. For this reason, Enterprise Georgia is planning to organize such tours in the future as well.  



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