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Mikheil Khidureli took part in OECD Eurasia Week 2023

Mikheil Khidureli, CEO of Enterprise Georgia took part in a panel discussion within the framework of the OECD Eurasia Week 2023, held in Paris.

In his speech at the panel of The OECD Eurasia Competitiveness Roundtable, concerning Digitalization and Entrepreneurship, Khidureli emphasized supportive mechanisms of government to promote SME’s, highlighting the importance of Enterprise Georgia regional consulting centers, Growth Hubs.

"One of Enterprise Georgia's initiatives is to establish Growth Hubs as regional consulting centers, representing an exemplary effort to foster SME digitalization across the country. The first center is already operating in a pilot regime, with two more set to launch shortly.

One key aspect of the program is its foundation on extensive research conducted prior to the project's launch. This research aimed to understand the specific needs of businesses in different regions. As a result, the Growth Hubs now offer a comprehensive range of services structured into six different modules. These modules cover vital aspects such as sales and marketing, business modeling and strategic planning, finance and accounting, legal considerations, taxation, and, notably, digitalization.

By integrating digitalization into the suite of services, the Growth Hubs are well positioned to assist businesses in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and harnessing its potential for growth" – noted CEO of the Agency.

As part of OECD Eurasia Week 2023, Mikheil Khidureli also participated in a plenary session – “Low Carbon Transitions in Eurasia: Strategic Frameworks for Sustainable Infrastructure”, where he discussed how the agency is presently engaged in the process of promoting environmental sustainability within the country's enterprises.

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