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The social enterprise Dadari was founded in 2018 with the mission of creating safe and cognitive toys for children to simplify the process of perceiving the world. The idea turned out to be successful, and children all over the world enjoy playing with the toys created by the Dadari team.

The mission of Dadari does not end there: the enterprise educates both people with disabilities and internally displaced people from Georgia's occupied territories before hiring. It encourages their full participation in public life as well as their development as labor market competitors.

Because there is a high demand for Dadari toys, they are working to increase production and productivity. The company has ambitious plans for export as well. Dadari is a beneficiary of the Enterprise Georgia export direction. On the agency’s initiative, their products were recently displayed at the largest toy fair in the German city of Nuremberg. The 5-day exhibition was a huge success for the company, and as a result, approximately 40 foreign companies are interested in "Dadari" products.

"At the exhibition, the works of Dadari drew a lot of attention, and the high quality and unique design of our toys were recognized by the leading toy companies," said Archil Gobejishvili, the company's founder.

Employee training and enterprise technical equipment are two of the company's top priorities for 2023. This process has already begun, and the company's capacity is expected to increase by 80% this year.

The founder of social enterprise Dadari advises aspiring entrepreneurs to carefully select the work they enjoy doing, to believe in themselves, and to begin doing their work sincerely and genuinely.

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