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Georgia Won an Action Against German Alriwo


The Ministry of Health and Social Protection informs that lawsuit between the Ministry and German company Alriwo GmbH ended in favor of Georgian side. The argument was under consideration in Mannheim district court (Germany) since 2001.


The suit was filed on the grounds of breach of contract on medical equipment purchase of $3.1 million, signed between Department of Invalids' Issues of Georgia (currently cancelled) and Alriwo on September 4, 1997.


In terms of contract, Georgia had to cover the cost of medical equipment, delivered by German company, by stages. $2.05 million was paid under the mentioned pace, however because of the low quality, equipment was not installed. Installation contract, worth $200,000, was signed separately, and Georgia has paid $192,000 to Alriwo.


German company claimed Georgia to pay $1.59 million plus extra 5% and to cover court costs. Georgian side filed counter-claim, demanding Alriwo to pay back already paid money.


According to the court decision, German company was charged to repay $2.05 million (by stages) instead of return of medical equipment, as well as to cover partially court costs.

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