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New Association to Assist Hazelnut Business Development


Georgian Hazelnut Association was established by 25 hazelnut producing companies on the meeting, held today in Agriculture Ministry. The Association aims Georgian hazelnut popularization on international market, protection of producers interests, relations with hazelnut growers, production quality improvement and control.


The board of the Association includes representatives of 7 companies: Italian confectionery producer Ferrero International (which acquired recently 1,200 ha of hazelnut plantations in west Georgia), Hazelnut Planting and Processing Company (GTH), HCP-Cartu Group, Georgian Hazelnut Sio-2000, Argo Nut, Georgian Nuts and G.N.


Petre Tsiskarishvili, Agriculture Minister, promised at the presentation of the Association to provide material-technical support, as well as consulting service in marketing and coordinating issues.


The Minister said that presently 5-7% of world hazelnut production accounts for Georgia, while the country holds potential to increase the mentioned figure up to 9-10%. It is rather good showing for the country, envisaging that neighboring Turkey holds 70% of world production, Tsiskarishvili noted.


According to Agriculture Ministry, hazelnut harvest amounted to 35,000 t in 2006, which give 15,000 t of peeled product. 80% of produced hazelnut is exported in countries, such as Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine.

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