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about 30 Georgian Companies participate in Global Compact


At this stage about 30 Georgian companies have been joined Global Compact (UN initiative on corporate responsibility). It has been said on todays conference, dedicated to project on initiative realization in Georgia, which has been carried in frameworks of UN Development Program (UNDP).

As Irakli Chkonia, project broker, has mentioned, joining the program is voluntary and works in this direction have been launched in Georgia since August 2006. Two groups are set up: one group unites companies, interesting in environment protection, while another – in social responsibility of business.

The first group includes oil company BP, oil-products retailer Wissol Georgia and gold-mining LLC Quartzite. The second group unites about 30 members, including Bank Republic, Peoples Bank, insurance company GPI Holding, mobile operator Geocell, computer company UGT, wine producer Teliani Veli, meat product producer Nikora and dairy product producer Tserovani.

Sopho Chichinadze, UNDP analyst in public relations, said that initiative members are to submit annual reports, how the principles of Global Compact are observed in their activity. Presentation on Georgian participation in this initiative is scheduled for July 2007, she noted.

The mentioned international initiative was proposed by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the World Economic Forum in 1999. Global Compact operational phase was launched in July 26, 2000 and since that, the initiative unites 2,500 companies of 90 countries.

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