Home News Finance Minister: Investment volume reached $2B in Q1

Finance Minister: Investment volume reached $2B in Q1


Aleksi Aleksishvili, Finance Minister, has said after the government meeting today that the investment volume amounted to $2 billion in 1st quarter and the major part of investments accounted for financial sector.

If last year rate of economical growth was 7.5%, the figure will be defined by two-digit number this year, Aleksishvili noted. As for the inflation, the Minister assumes that with the joint efforts of government and National Bank of Georgia it will be kept on a one-digit level.

The government has considered once again amendments in budget-2007 today. Amendments envisage increasing financial resources by 641 million lari. Final parameters will be discussed at government meeting, in May 18. Next week the document should be passed to the Parliament for consideration.

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