Home News Net Profit of Banking system made up 25.4M Lari in Q1

Net Profit of Banking system made up 25.4M Lari in Q1


As National Bank of Georgia (NBG) informs, net profit of banking system amounted to 25.4 million lari in the 1st quarter. This figure exceeds last years showing by 36.6%.

Total assets reached 4.7 billion lari, liabilities – 3.7 billion, growth in both made almost 12% from the beginning of the year. Equity capital amounted to 959 million lari, rising from the beginning of the year by 7%.

Banks issued in 1st quarter 3 billion lari in loans, exceeding same figure of last year by 55%. At that, up to 25% (764 million lari) of total loans accounts for national currency (growth 60%), while $1.3 billion accounts for loans in foreign currency (growth 65%).

Volume of bank deposits made up 1.9 billion lari, it exceeds last years figures by 48%. From the total, 32% of deposits (603 million lari) is in national currency, growing by 60% compared to same period of 2006. Deposits in foreign currency make up $770 million (growth 54%). Accordingly, dollarization rate amounts to 68%, lowering by 2.4% against figures of 2006.

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