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“Dignified Start” – A new dual initiative of the private sector and the government


The private sector and the government of Georgia have launched a new joint initiative to help the socially underprivileged families. Every year the representatives of the private sector will allocate certain amount of funds to which the government will add twice that amount and evenly distribute to the newly born babies of the Georgian families who live below the poverty line.


The project has a duration of five years and is based on volunteering. The collection of charity funds has already started for the year of 2008. The amount of separate charity donations is confidential and is at the discretion of the businesses to decide.


On November 29 the initiative group was created under the chairmanship of the prime minister that includes the large business companies who are initiators and major sponsors of the idea. These are: Bank of Georgia, Bagebey City Group, Wissol, Coca-Cola, Aversi, UGT, Silkroad Group, UTG, Iberia Construction, Iberia Refreshment, Lukoil, Natakhtari, PSP, Bank Republic and TBC Bank. On November 30 the prime minister, the finance minister and the initiative group met with the business community of Georgia and presented the project to them. 


“It is very good that this is an open initiative and everyone can join it. The government of Georgia will allocate twice the amount that the Georgian business companies will collect for this initiative,” Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze said.


It is pleasant that the initiative has found strong support in business circles which pledged to donate around GEL 5 million. Add to this a double of the amount from the government and it can be said that the project has GEL 15 million at its disposal.   


“We (businessmen) have collected five million lari so that the government will have to put 10 million lari. In this way we will collect 15 million lari , which means we can easily give at least 1000 GEL to each newly born child,” said Zaza Okriashvili, Founder of the PSP.


According to the statistics, at least 10,000 babies per year are born in the families living below the poverty line. The collected sum will be distributed among them in the following way: each family will be granted a voucher that can be then redeemed at any operating bank in Georgia.


“Dignified Start” is the first dual initiative of the private sector and the government of Georgia. It shows that the Georgian business community has a high civil and social responsibility. At the same time, it shows that the Georgian business is vitally interested in the heredity and irreversibility of the economic course and reforms taking place in Georgia.


The initiative is open for everyone and any businessman or business company can make a contribution to the charity initiative.   
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