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Offering support mechanisms tailored to the  specific stages of development and financial  needs of a business







* In terms of the commercial banks

  • The 7% co-financing of bank loan interest rate for the first 24 months
  • Minimum loan volume – GEL 150 000 
  • Maximum loan volume – GEL 5 000 000
  • 100% of the loan amount should be used for basic and capital expenditure

* Program conditions

  • The end product should be on the program priority list (see below) approved by the Georgian Government
  • New enterprise should be put into operation within 24 months from the loan issuance date
  • Existing enterprise should start production within 12 months from the loan issuance date

* Restrict participation in the program

Total VAT turnover of the Entity Entity or its Affiliated Legal Entity for the preceding 12 calendar months exceeds 2 million GEL (annual turnover of the aforementioned companies equals approximately 10 million GEL) or the aforementioned partner company is new for 1 year
Previous 12 calendar months income of an entrepreneur or his / her partner natural person exceeds GEL 300,000






  • Paper and paperboard
  • Wood processing
  • Metal products
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Textile production
  • Electrical equipment
  • Rubber & Plastics


Project is implemented in all the regions of Georgia

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