Georgia invites filmmakers to explore the unique, diverse and yet untapped filming locations with a readiness to offer top-quality service, developed infrastructure, dynamic and flexible work environment and government support.

Located in the Caucasus region where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is a small gem of a country that can be crossed by car in six to seven hours, all the while shooting four seasons along the way!

Exceptionally rich with diverse natural and cultural heritage, the setting of Georgia presents a colorful spectrum of locations ranging from flamboyant glass and steel structures to ancient fortresses and Soviet-era architecture, majestic snowy mountains to beautiful seashores and lush valleys, from wild, humid woods to semi-deserts. Here you can find the perfect location for your production and each corner is capture-ready.

The country has emerged as Eastern European hotspot of international production with its film industry incentive “Film in Georgia” offering 20-25% rebate on qualified local spend, diverse locations and developed infrastructure. On top of the above-mentioned, production costs are much lower across the board with average daily budget of shooting a feature film at around $ 15, 000 - $25,000.

A production in Georgia can capture snow-topped mountains in the morning and a sun-drenched cove in the afternoon. Georgia allows you to shoot four seasons in one day.

Georgia is gaining a reputation as a film-friendly location that almost never requires shooting permits and has open and transparent business practices with almost non-existent bureaucracy. Most state-owned buildings, derelict factories, roads, parks and open spaces are available for shooting. In addition, there is an availability to shoot scenes on Soviet-era military bases with the utilization of old, soviet helicopters. The majority of crews speak English and have experience with international projects.

According to Lyall Gardiner (location manager, scout, photographer and founder of FStop Location Management): “Georgia is an amazing country – Its beautiful and has great potential for film. The support of the government is incredibly amazing. To be invited here is a privilege and I believe the country has an extraordinary landscape that can really contribute to the aesthetics of film.”

The country can be easily accessed through 3 international airports located in different parts of the country that offer direct flights from major European cities, including London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and etc. The producers of “My Happy Family” (premiered at Sundance, Berlinale; distribution rights bought by Netflix and the “Girls of the sun” (nominated at Cannes) used mainly Georgian crew. “Georgians are very flexible and are very good at improvising,” says Simon Gross, co-director and producer of My Happy Family. “If there is a problem, they always find a solution in short time, which works.”

Recent projects shot in Georgia include: “Halo of Stars” (2017), “Beyond the Edge” (2017), “Hostages” (2016), “My Happy Family” (2016), “Partisan” (2015), “Landmine Goes Click” (2015) and “The Search” (2014)To find out more visit : www.filmingeorgia.ge





Minimum Expenditures by Category
20% cash rebate on qualified expenses incurred in Georgia

Products Eligible for Cash Rebate and Minimum Requirements

Local Expenditures

Audience Coverage Requirements

(any type of agreement)

Feature Film

GEL 500.000 / ~USD 200.000 N/A

Series, mini series

(including pilots

In at least 1 country outside Georgia
Documentary GEL 300.000 / ~ USD 120.000 N/A
Animated Film N/A
Commercials In at least 1 country outside Georgia
Reality Show In at least 1 country outside Georgia
Music Video In at least 1 country outside Georgia

An additional rebate of up to 5% is available if a production promotes
Georgia as a destination by meeting the program’s “Cultural Test.”


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